Beneficiaries with Original Medicare are issued a Medicare Summary Notice (MSN) every three months for their Parts A and B-covered services. This notice will show you all of the services and supplies that were billed to Medicare during the three month period and what you may owe your provider, if anything.

Anyone Medicare recipient who receives services or medical supplies during a three-month period will be issued an MSN while those who don't will not be issued one. For individuals who want to see their claims right away, is the place to go to see a claim within 24 hours after it's been processed.

If you see a leftover balance but have other insurance, check to see if your other provider will cover any of the remaining costs. When you look at your MSN and see that an item or service was denied, call your physician to make sure the correct information was submitted. The same goes if you see a charge for a service you didn't receive.

An MSN is not a bill and does not require you to send in a payment when you receive it. Be sure to compare the information with bills, statements and receipts from your health care providers to verify that everything matches up.