13 06, 2021

How critical illness insurance eases the pain of medical bills

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Even if you have an insurance plan offered through your work or other professional organization, sometimes this coverage doesn’t provide all the essential financial protections you need. Despite having a high-deductible plan, you can find yourself in a position with medical bills that exceed your annual salary. With so much riding on whether you’re able [...]

13 04, 2018

What you need to know about cancer insurance

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The threat of being diagnosed with cancer may not be subsiding much any time soon. Fortunately, cancer is becoming more easily detected, treated and survivable for most Americans. In a report on the future of cancer care, the American Society of Clinical Oncologists estimated that new cancer cases in the U.S. will increase 45 percent [...]

13 04, 2016

Top 5 benefits of buying a Medicare Supplemental insurance policy

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Americans aged 65 years or older and eligible for Social Security can enroll in Medicare. Original Medicare, defined as Medicare Parts A, B and D, covers expenses relating to services and supplies considered medically necessary, such as hospital visits, nursing facility care and some prescription drug costs. However, Original Medicare does not provide fully comprehensive [...]